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Mighty Taiwan

Taiwan is a small but mighty island country with a rich history and beautiful culture. Here at Mighty Taiwan we are all about satisfying Taiwan shirt lovers who are looking for that special design or wearable message showing your Taiwanese pride.  We create cool graphics, inspired by our love for our home country and make these available to you as shirts, tote bags, cell phone cases, pillows, aprons, clocks and more!  See our product pages for where to purchase!


Aboriginal Collection

The hand drawn style of this series is inspired by the various indigenous cultures of Taiwan.  Simple shapes derived from elements of nature come together to form complex patterns that are found in aboriginal art.  Animal designs depict species that are native to Taiwan that can be cute, scary, or a little bit of both!

Clare Kuo Design-Taiwan_Artboard 1.png
got guts_taiwanese bear.png


Got Guts! Collection

特有種 has a double meaning in Taiwan. It describes animals that are native and unique to Taiwan, but also describes someone who's "got guts" and isn't afraid of anything.


The bilingual graphics in this series depict native Taiwanese animals that exhibit exceptional  characteristics and hold a special place in Taiwanese culture. 

Each animal also symbolizes the unique characteristics of Taiwanese people that make our island nation prosperous, successful, and strong.

All products are printed and shipped from Amazon and Redbubble.

All design is registered with US Copyright Office.

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